Lecture session

  • Live streaming platformAll lectures and keynotes will be streamed free of charge via Crowdcast and you can already register for the event under the following URL: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/prni-summerschool-2020/1
  • Instructions for using Crowdcast: You can either ask questions or upvote for the questions you like during the live streaming. For more information about Crowdcast, please click here.
  • Recordings: In case that you are unable to join the live streaming, e.g., due to a different time zone, etc., the recordings of the previous lectures and keynotes will be available at the Crowdcast event. Nevertheless, joining the live streaming is highly recommended since you will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers.


Please note that tutorial and poster sessions are only applicable to the registered attendees.

 Tutorial session

  • Live streaming platform (Zoom): During the tutorial session, each registered attendee will be assigned to a group of 8-10 people. Each group will be equipped with one tutor who will host a live Zoom meeting to offer help and provide feedback during the scheduled tutorial time. 
  • Coding platform (Google Colab & Jupyter notebook): Google Colab is adopted as the major coding platform for its convenience, and all registered attendees will get access to the materials for the tutorials via Google Colab. Please note that Google account is required Google Colab. For the attendees who prefer offline coding, we will also provide Jupyter notebook files (python 3) you can work with.
  • Communication platform (Slack): Out of the live tutorial time, the registered attendee can ask questions or discuss with your peers via Slack. The invitation link for Slack should have been already sent to the email boxes of all registered attendees. Should you have not received such an email, please contact us.

 Poster session

  • Instructions: The poster session will be hosted as small group research discussions via Zoom live meeting. Each registered attendee will be anticipated to prepare and present their research (interest) in a 2-3 minutes talk.