Coronavirus Update

Due to the current situation, the PRNI Summer School 2020 will be held online. All lectures and keynotes will be streamed publicly and be accessible without registration. Registered participants will have access to interactive Python tutorials with online tutoring as well as online social events.

Welcome to PRNI - Virtual Summer School 2020

Cognitive neuroscience has entered the age of big data, where the size and complexity of data sets prohibit their analysis with traditional statistical methods. At the same time, the curricula in the relevant disciplines have not yet been fully adapted to this new development. The aim of the Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI) Virtual Summer School 2020 is to fill this gap and train early-stage researchers in modern data analysis methods for processing and understanding complex large-scale data sets in cognitive neuroscience. The methods PRNI covers include machine learning, deep learning, Bayesian inference and modeling, connectivity, and causality. These fundamental topics are complemented by lectures on specific challenges for data analysis in selected imaging domains, including fMRI, EEG/MEG, and calcium imaging. All courses are taught by internationally leading researchers in their respective domains and include interactive Python turorial.